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March 2011

  • Pay Per Click Vs. Desktop Ad Impressions

    Tue 22nd

    The bell rings and pay per click steps into the ring, his opponent? Desktop Ad Impressions. The old champ finally has an opponent worthy of a dual for the belt. Pay Per Click advertising has been the choice of many start-ups and mega corps for years, its targeted traffic giving business owners valuable qualified traffic […]

  • Norweb Promotions Featured in the….!

    Wed 9th

    Original Article – Free Agency and the Changing World of Work Jennifer Norweb of Miami, Florida got fed up with local employers offering low pay, long hours, and menial work after she had earned a Marketing and Finance degree from the University of Miami’s School of Business. “I had some solid work experience in my […]

July 2010

  • Are UPS and USPS Driving Direct Markerters Online?

    Wed 21st

    An open letter (and a warning) to the USPS Postmaster General 10/20/2009 A Message from Jim Gilbert of Gilbert Direct Marketing: Over the years I’ve been super vocal about my dislike for the U.S. Postal Service and its less-than-forward-thinking bureaucracy. When it slammed direct marketers with a 20 percent postal increase back in 2007, I […]

June 2010

  • In Ecommerce, Unability is # 1

    Mon 28th

    Some online retailers are updating their looks for better navigation, while others are focusing on the bells and whistles of social shopping. But Web merchants would be wise not to forget the basics or risk frustrating their customers. According to the “Revolutionizing Website Design” report from digital marketing agency Oneupweb, Web users expect a lot […]

  • Social Media and Email Marketing Integration

    Mon 28th

    Combining the forces of social media with email marketing has been under way for some time, with savvy marketers using the two channels to complement each other rather than compete. As companies gain experience in the area, their choice of tactics may change. A survey of small businesses by e-mail marketing company AWeber found the […]

  • Important Internet Marketing Terms:

    Wed 16th

    Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is the process of sharing marketing and sales programs that compensates marketing affiliates (partners) for their role in communicating and selling to customers. Banner Advertising – Banner advertising is the process of inserting banner advertising messages into web pages. Banner advertising systems link banner ad graphics to web portals or […]

May 2010

  • Keyword Density

    Tue 18th

    Keyword Density (keyword frequency) is the percentage of occurrence of your keywords to the text in the rest of your web page. It is essential for your main keywords to have the proper keyword density to rank well in Search Engines. Keyword density is significant because search engines use this information to group a site’s […]

  • Will YouTube Videos Make or Break My Website?

    Tue 18th

    I don’t like the reality that comes with this level of simplicity provided by YouTube. If your website is in any way a for-profit site you certainly have competitors and if you embed a YouTube video in your website you’ll end up introducing your prospects to your competition through YouTube’s convenient “related videos“. Worst of […]

February 2010

  • Opt-In or Double Opt-In?

    Sun 21st

      The most important element of creating effective email marketing campaigns derives from your subscribers list. Its size is certainly a contributing factor to your campaign’s chances of success. During the past years, a number of practices, often illegal, such as “email harvesting”, were born on purpose to collect as many addresses as possible. These […]

  • Rich Media In Emails: Not Quite Ready Yet…

    Sun 21st

      What about incorporating rich video or audio content directly in your emails?  New technologies, like CertifiedVideo from Goodmail, allow marketers to send videos and avoid issues with spam filters. More, HTML5 ha arrived with its new <video> tag that was created to provide native video support using a single codec across all browsers without […]

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