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Online Radio

Online Radio is an audio broadcasting service that is transmitted through the internet. Internet radio is similar in nature to internet broadcasting, also called webcasting. Many radio stations worldwide offer their broadcast via internet radio to a worldwide audience.

  • An estimated 42 million listeners each week
  • Geo-targeting by listeners location – not station location (20%-50% are listening to out of market radio stations)
  • Demographic targeting by age and lifestyle
  • 30 second audio including a banner with hyperlink
  • We can provide spots if needed
  • Around 450 stations are available in all different categories (Adult, Alternative, Rock , News/Talk, Indie, Hip Hop, Jazz, Gospel, Latino, Variety, Youth, World, Etc.
  • Networks through: AOL Radio, CBS Radio, Live 365, Yahoo Launchcast, RL Select Slacker, Entercom, Beasley, Nassau, Warp Radio, TargetSpot, Terrestrial, TargetSpot PurePlay.

A podcast is a series of digital media files, that is made available for download via Web syndication. The syndication aspect of the delivery is what differentiates podcasts from other files accessible by direct download or streaming: it means that special software applications, generally known as podcatchers (such as Apple Inc.’s iTunes or NullSoft’s Winamp), can automatically identify and retrieve new files associated with the podcast when they are made available, and that these files can be stored locally on the user’s computer or other portable offline devices (iPod or MP3 Player).

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